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Doctoral Project Abstract

Haiti: The Absence of Leadership Skills in a Failed State

R. Kenny Leblanc

Haiti's need for development has been marked by a history of colossal failures of ineffective leadership. In certain cases, there were periods in the country that experienced governance by a number of individuals who lacked the basic understanding of leadership or needed leadership skills, thereby failing to provide positive changes to their society. The nation has continued to struggle to develop strategies for social, economic, and political progress without first cross checking its leadership dilemma in a bid to facilitate change. Several factors have been offered to explain the apparent "failed state," as Haiti has been qualified as failure of both economic and human development; more than any, the issue of leadership remains central to Haiti's governance, poverty, development crisis, and "failed state" status. This book argues that poor leadership and lack of leadership skills present the greatest obstacles to the betterment of the country and posits that, until the enthronement of effective leadership and leadership development, economic development will continue to be a mirage in Haiti. This text examines the concept of leadership in the context of Haiti's past and present, the recurring hurdles to its development, and proffers solutions to Haiti's removing itself from the list of top ten "failed states."

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