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Doctoral Project Abstract

Follow the Leader:
New Christian and Missionary Alliance Pastors' Guidebook to Elder Training

Denny Krajacic
Regent University

This project is designed to equip a new Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) pastor with a practical resource to meet the challenge of developing elders through interpersonal, leadership mentoring. In the Christian and Missionary Alliance, the pastor and elder board are the highest level of organizational and spirituality authority. Pastoral and elder leadership in the Christian Missionary Alliance have been traditionally characterized by an emphasis on servant leadership; where leadership is considered more than a position or title, but rather defined by an empowering, Christ-like relationship of mutuality and trust.

This project consists of a practical manual for new pastors in the Christian and Missionary Alliance that will assist, train and empower them as community and church leaders to facilitate leadership formation for their elders in the context of a weekend retreat centered around strategic analysis, spiritual direction and leadership formation. This practical manual includes training themes and topics such as: defining the biblical role of elders, the formation and design of an elder board, the relational dynamics of the pastor and elder team, leadership lessons from the biblical leaders, the marriage covenant and leadership effectiveness, a model of effective leadership development, and the processes of future thinking and foresight. Each thematic segment in the practical manual is divided into two hours seminars with notes, handouts and practical questions throughout that support and facilitate intimate and honest interaction between the new pastor and the elder board.

The trust and potential bond developed between pastors and elders in an organizationally healthy church have the ability to energize and empower the leadership transaction which in turn can allow for the effective construction and maintenance of authentic Christian community.

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