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Doctoral Project Abstract

Using Strategic and Innovative Thinking to Reach Our One-Fourth World

Boon S. Koh
Regent University

Our world of 6.4 billion people, consisting of over 16,000 people groups, live in 234 geo-political nations. More than 6,900 of these people groups remain unreached. This means that these people groups have little or no access to the gospel of Jesus Christ and lack an indigenous community of believing Christians with adequate numbers and resources to evangelize their own people group. Thus, one in four persons remain without reasonable access to the gospel—the Forgotten One-Fourth World. This seminar demonstrates how missionary strategists and Great Commission Christians can use strategic and innovative thinking to reach this One-Fourth World proactively. Strategic thinking is a developed skill to anticipate, respond to, and influence the ministry environment as changes emerge such that we are able to see and influence the future environment today. Innovative thinking is the ability to transform new ideas into practical and integrated missionary strategies. This seminar enables participants to (1) creatively identify and deploy their ministry partners, (2) leverage the influence they have, (3) identify and create opportunities in their ministry environment, and (4) develop nimble organizational structures that can quickly be reconfigured to adapt to prevailing ministry situations.

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