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Doctoral Project Abstract

The World Peace Museum and Park

Charles Kim
Regent University

 This project will change the image of the United States and its message about peace and war. The PEACE Foundation and PEACE Trust/Ltd. will create the World Peace Museum and Park, which will be the only official monument in our nation's capital to celebrate peacemakers and peace initiatives. There are many war memorials, yet no world peace memorial in our nation's capital. Therefore, our message to future leaders is we are more incline to honor and recognize wars and war heroes rather than world peace and peacemakers. The goal is to change the image of our nation's message. The creation of a nonpartisan and non-bias national monument that will promote and educate world peace is unprecedented in our nation.  Hence, the motivation is not only to be spreading the message of peace and hope for a better future, but also to utilize our blessed gifts and talents to develop this theory into practice.  Specifically, the project will design a proposal and a plan to initiate the promotion of peace education and humanitarian cause by creating a legislative proposal with executive summary, an executive plan, and a presentation proposal for the World Peace Museum and Park. Thus, the goal is to create this unprecedented peace monument so that the history of war and violence and the importance of peace for our present and future existence are unforgotten.

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