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Doctoral Project Abstract

Curriculum: Masters of Science in Strategic Leadership

Catherine Jones

One of the biggest challenges facing leaders in today's competitive ever- changing global market is to continuously and systematically learn ways to enhance the effectiveness of their organization. John F. Kennedy said, "Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other." A Master of Science in Strategic Leadership (MSSL) can enable 21th Century leaders to meet this challenge. A Master's in Strategic Leadership provides a framework for continuous and systematic learning. It also equips leaders to develop exemplary strategies that can enhance organizational growth in today's competitive and turbulent global market. It also provides a construct for developing strategic leadership skills using a set of finite leader competencies with broad application as a foundation to provide a common direction that transcends all leadership levels.

This MSSL Program resolves around the following integrated principles:

  • Developing strategic sustainable approaches for building, leading, and modifying organizations to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage, and enduring organizational success in a volatility global environment.
  • Preparing leaders to identify limitations and mindsets that inhibit strategic acting, influencing and thinking, thus developing a framework for creating strategic options, and discern leadership behaviors that contribute to managing changes and uncertainty in organizations and the global business environment.
  • Formulating new approaches for building collaborative learning environment that develops and retains top talents; facilitating teamwork and developing strategies to mitigate the impact that cultural values can have on organizational growth.

The program is structured into four 15-week periods. Each period consists of a series of three five-week courses taken one at a time.

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