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Doctoral Project Abstract

Application of Strategic Leadership
In a Business Start-up

Dianne Jinwright
Regent University

This research examines how entrepreneurs can apply strategic leadership to positively affect the future of a start-up business. During the conduct of this project a start-up business was formed to observe through involvement the processes and activities where an entrepreneur could apply strategic leadership. The elements of a business plan that characterize business processes and its activities were used to structure the research for the project. The research traces business plan processes activities back to the strategies that give methods and means to the vision, mission, goals, objectives and projections included the business plan. Aspects of the research also focused on identifying types of generic business strategies and showing the connection between business strategies and business plan elements. The research also establishes the connection between business planning and strategic planning processes and shows that when leaders perform the business plan activities they are applying strategic leadership, that is, affecting the long-range future of their businesses. Descriptions and details of the actions associated with the launch of the business formed during the project, The Leadership Information Sharing Corporation , its vision, mission, goals and objectives, and the strategies for the business are included in this research and culminate into a strategic plan for the business.

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