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Doctoral Project Abstract

Developing the Kingdom Leaders for Such a Time Seminar and Two Organizations by Applying Theory U+

Deborah F. Jenks
Regent University

The project encompassed several elements.

First, the concept of kingdom leaders (KL) was developed to provide a model for believers to understand and then activate their calling as leaders to turn the world upside down. This requires an understanding of the kingdom of God as differentiated from the church, the desire to see the kingdom of God, and the ability to act out of the Kingdom of God as a deeper reality than the natural realm. KLs experience a transformed heart and mindset, which manifests in new actions. The Kingdom Leaders for Such a Time article and seminar teach the biblical and leadership principles supporting kingdom leadership. Additionally, the seminar's individual creativity exercises and group creativity workshop provide participants opportunities to practice the principles and discover God's emerging future.

Second, two organizations were launched. The marketing focus of Dynamic Journey Leadership Consulting (DJLC) is secular. However, it is designed to attract both secular and Christian leaders who desire leadership consulting to start or transform their organization. Walking in His Ways (WIHW) is the ministry arm of DJLC. Its focus is biblical seminars, books, and leadership articles. DJLC facilitates organizations through biblical values and principles, while WIHW lays out the biblical leadership framework explicitly. The Kingdom Leaders for Such a Time seminar and article are under the WIHW organization. The urls for the websites are and

The Kingdom Leaders for Such a Time seminar and article and both organizations, were developed by applying Theory U+, an expansion of Scharmer's Theory U.


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