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Doctoral Project Abstract

Learning to Heal: Heal for Your Dream

Janelle L. Hunt

Starting your life over from scratch can be one of the best gifts of your lives. This book is about helping others while I take them through my own journey of losing everything in order to discover everything inside of me. As you follow me through this journey, I hope that you will experience the same healing process. This journey is not just from my past to present, but it is a journey to my future. My wish is that each reader finds his/her future as well. This book is to coach people to hear that inner voice that speaks inside of them. It is for those who are hurting or broken at a crossroads, are looking to start a new business, recent graduates, or for those who have simply lost a sense of who they are. This book will help you find yourself and help you gain direction for the future in your career and every area of your life. It is about achieving Wholeness and using that wholeness to create a life and a Brand that is truly you.

Jesus often told people to be made whole and by faith they were. This book is to help others to see themselves from a biblical perspective of wholeness as well as from a Coaching perspective, as coaching is about being whole and having the power to change your life. Individual readers will see that they are fully capable of creating and fulfilling their dreams no matter what pains and hurts stand in their way.

Wholeness is transferred by faith from Leader to Followers. As the Leader sees you as being whole, you will begin to see yourself the same way. As a coach, I help you to see the same wholeness that Jesus promised all of us on the cross. He sees us as healed and whole in every way, despite the way it looks to the natural eye. We should walk in wholeness from this day forward. I've put reflection questions at the end of each chapter to help readers to find themselves The book's addendum has an excellent Life and Business Plan Worksheet for readers to work through.

There is nothing like tapping into the essence of who you really are. My vision is to help people heal and rediscover themselves as a tool to develop sustainability and innovation in the marketplace. Healing can be our best competitive advantage!

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