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Doctoral Project Abstract

Leader Formation: Developing Emotionally Intelligent Law Enforcement Leaders for the 21st Century

Ralph Hughes

This one-day, 12-hour workshop is geared towards supervisors in law enforcement, and provides a foundational learning experience for the attainment of effective leadership practice from the emotional intelligence construct. The principles and techniques that will be covered are step-by-step approaches in becoming emotionally intelligent leaders, which will prove to be critical in organizational efficacy. With the growing need for competent law enforcement officers, supervisors must be able to inspire motivation, in addition to leading adherents from humane, ethical, global, cultural, technological, and innovative perspectives. During this workshop, participants will learn how to evaluate their emotional quotient; understand how their emotions affect others; the difference between managers and leaders; use empathy and interpersonal communication skills to motivate and inspire others; steps on managing emotions and conflicts; make the transition from supervisor to leader; creatively solve problems; manage stress and burnout; coach and mentor; and build morale.

Participants will engage in group exercises, discussions, collaborate in group think tanks, complete self-reporting inventories (EQ-I, MLQ, and LTQ), and take part in brainstorming exercises to glean an understanding of properly applying emotional intelligence and effective leadership practice in the workplace. The overarching premise is based on the notion that the tools provided will afford law enforcement supervisors the competencies needed in becoming emotionally intelligent leaders (no longer "supervisors" from a theoretical context), thus they will be able to transform their organizations for the betterment of the constituents they serve.

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