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Doctoral Project Abstract

Enhancing the Viability of Faith-Based Organizations in Turbulent Environments

Ted Holly
Regent University

Every year, thousands of organizations based in the Christian worldview fail, and the failure rate is increasing. Turbulent environments are becoming increasingly responsible for the failure of organizations based in the Christian worldview. Leaders of organizations based in the Christian worldview, or "faith-based organizations", can take proactive steps to enhance the viability of their organizations by learning to detect meaningful information signaling needed change, and by building up organizational members to practice strategic thinking and organizational learning. Leaders of faith-based organizations can enhance their organizational viability in turbulent environments by following biblical guidelines to:

  • :: Develop a clear, compelling vision, then permeating the vision throughout the organization
  • :: Manage by values to enhance strong, moral responses, a high regard for the welfare of people, and highly ethical thinking
  • :: Cultivate strategic thinking and organizational learning to empower organizational members to respond to environmental challenges and to adopt needed changes with minimum trauma
  • :: Optimize organizational design to avoid creating obtrusively authoritarian or bureaucratic structures while enhancing the capability to respond rapidly to change
  • :: Practice sound, biblical leadership
  • :: Practice humane change management, taking into consideration the emotional needs of people
  • :: Scan, plan, and manage effectively within turbulent environments
  • :: Facilitate outstanding teams by building toward self-directing work groups who define their mission within the context of the greater organizational mission, refine the roles of members, leverage diversity and conflict management, and collectively celebrate team accomplishments
  • :: Cultivate dreams and a sense of destiny within people
  • :: Develop individuals and future leaders to their maximum capabilities and potential

The book is organized into ten chapters to provide references, rationale, and tools for helping leaders to build followers to their highest capabilities. The overall theme of the book is that edified organizational members are best prepared to help leaders navigate their organizations through turbulent environments. Tools, seminar material and case studies are provided to help leaders conduct surveys, host training seminars, create high-performance teams, and assist organizational members to become highly-motivated, self-starting individuals built up to become independent, critical thinkers capable of supporting leaders to navigate within changing, volatile environments.

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