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Doctoral Project Abstract

Leadership Learning Initiatives: A Comprehensive, Integrated, and Action-oriented Approach to Leadership and Organizational Development

Thomas D. Hollinger

Leadership development involves a complex, comprehensive, integrating, and ongoing process. It requires an understanding of fundamental concepts that leaders can obtain through education, training, coaching, mentoring, and various work experiences. Leaders in the development process must apply these ideas in the crucible of real work environments for the concepts to have real meaning; therefore, the concepts should relate to operational activities and strategic initiatives.

Organizational assessments of values, culture, design, strategy, and succession planning can provide valuable indications of existing mismatches, inefficiencies, and other organizational issues, providing excellent opportunities for organizational improvement. In addition to providing helpful insights about current operations and potential downstream problems, assessments also supply a rich foundational background for the development of organizational leadership and strategic foresight. By integrating fundamental leadership learning initiatives with an active learning process that incorporates organizational assessment, strategic focus, and succession planning, organizational leaders can facilitate the leadership development process at the same time that they are improving the entire organization.

Using the logic in the preceding paragraphs, this DSL project involved the creation of a strategic framework for the Leadership Learning Initiatives™ coaching and consulting practice. Identification of strategic leadership learning initiatives provided a matrix of topics and a developmental model, establishing the focus areas for corresponding presentation materials. These presentation materials will support training and coaching programs, seminars, and workshops for leadership and organizational development. The project also included preparation of marketing brochures and a handbook. These supporting products provide an overview of the strategic leadership learning initiatives, a proposed development process, and promotional information for the Leadership Learning Initiatives™ coaching and consulting practice.

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