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Doctoral Project Abstract

A Glimpse of Four Dimensions of Leadership Workshop

Angela Hill
Regent University

A Glimpse of Four Dimensions of Leadership Workshop is an eight-hour learning session that presents Christian leadership as a complex phenomenon comprised of many issues not easily assessed or remedied by one's ability reason or by the five senses. Using spirituality as the foundation and a springboard, this workshop is designed to challenge participants to critically examine faulty paradigms and ineffective practices according to the word of God, as well as explore and apply practical and relevant tools that can help participants dig deeper—beyond the surface.  By introducing and applying various organizational and leadership concepts and models, A Glimpse of Four Dimensions of Leadership Workshop equips and empowers participants to:

  • Discern leadership as a dynamic process rather than a static position;
  • Identify the biblical underpinnings effective leadership;
  • Apply practical techniques to incorporate rest and renewal in daily and weekly activities;
  • Assess individual gifts, personality, and values in relation to others and the organization;
  • Identify ways to "flex" preferences to facilitate the growth of followers and organization;
  • Evaluate existing linkages, structures, and processes that support member and organization growth;
  • Utilize tools to assess the internal environment for strengths and weaknesses and the external environment for opportunities and threats; and
  • Apply knowledge gained to begin an action plan for self and team development.

Based on successfully meeting all learning objectives, by the end of the workshop, A Glimpse of Four Dimensions of Leadership Workshop it is expected that participants would be open to employing supportive, collegial and system models as the framework for organizational behavior within their churches and will use the items from their workshop action plan to begin building these frameworks immediately.  It is also expected that participants will be more open to blending an integrating leadership approaches that complement continual spiritual formation.  Extended learning and consultative support is provided to complement this workshop session.  Support may extend from 12-18 months based on assessments determined during the pre and post consultative stages, as well as to follow-up to recommendations as needed and appropriate.




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