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Doctoral Project Abstract

Balanced Leadership: A Practical Guide to Leadership in an Unbalanced World

James W. Henderson
Regent University

The task of becoming a truly balanced leader in today's highly competitive global marketplace is not for the faint of heart. Balanced leadership requires men and women to be very clear in their focus, know themselves well, and courageously make the right decisions on behalf of their followers, customers, shareholders, and communities, at times standing alone against the tide of popular management philosophy. This kind of leadership requires a genuine love of others and the acceptance of accountability as a leader, all the while protecting one's most enduring investment, the family.

This manuscript provides practical guidance for leaders who want to achieve real balance in their work and family life. Balance is not easy to attain, but it is possible through clear focus, integrity, understanding who you are, having the courage to be different, renewing your vision, making people your most important asset, family a priority, and accepting responsibility as a leader. Balanced leadership is more than how you spend your time. It's about how you live your life—everyday.

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