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Doctoral Project Abstract

Dynamic Leadership

Emile Hawkins Sr.
Regent University

The word transformation means change and transformational leadership is about empowering everyone in the organization to learn, to seek change and improvement, and to never to be satisfied with what is accomplished on any given day. Tichy and Devanna (1990) emphasize that the challenge for transformational leaders are both to find and create a vision of an organization that is in some way better than the old one and to encourage others to share that dream. This two-day seminar will provide participants with the knowledge that they must provide people with an image of what is possible and motivate followers to move ahead into the future they envision. Transformational leadership in congruence with an investigation of core values is what is defined as "Dynamic Leadership." Consequently, Dynamic Leadership is about hearts and minds, about empowering people not controlling them. Dynamic Leaders attempt to satisfy the basic needs of followers and then go beyond mere exchange by engaging the total person in an attempt to satisfy the higher-level needs of self-esteem and self-actualization. During the two-day seminar, participants will be exposed to the following: a discovery of Core Values, D.I.S.C, LPI, and transformational leadership concepts.

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