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Doctoral Project Abstract

Caring Federal Leaders:
Building a Caring Federal Family through Bereavement Acknowledgement

Florence L. Hamn
Regent University

Should bereavement procedures exist for both military and civilian Federal employees? I propose that federal leaders can enhance employee morale, productivity, and loyalty to Federal service by fostering greater care about the welfare of those they lead and their families during times of loss and bereavement. This project includes a review of military and Federal bereavement legislation; primary and secondary research on caring leadership; bereavement as it relates to leadership; analysis of bereavement procedures in several public and private organizations. It also includes anecdotal evidence from federal government leaders and employees, and others about bereavement policies and procedures within their workplaces, or the lack thereof. This project demonstrates that at the heart of effective federal leadership is genuine caring for people and addressing the most important credentials—the employees. It also shows the benefits of federal bereavement procedures and that they ultimately lead to tangible organizational results, such as increased productivity. The project contributes to the research on caring leadership from a federal perspective, and the results show the need for government-wide bereavement guidelines and the benefits for federal leaders, employees, and their families. Based on the results of this research, I developed a government-wide bereavement policy and best practices.

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