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Doctoral Project Abstract

Unbalanced Influence - Seven Paradoxes and Myths of Effective Executive Leadership

Howard Hammett
Regent University

There are multiple 'influences' that come into play to shape an Executive's behavior and perceptions in their struggle to be an effective leader.  These influences are at best unbalanced, wrought with countless paradoxes; while some of these influences are based on misguided myths.  For example, does effective leadership focus on being through or being decisive?  Is effective leadership 'values-based' or 'results oriented'? Can an effective leader be grounded in day-to-day business objectives while simultaneously focused on future opportunities?  And what criteria or which baseline do we use to determine 'effective leadership'?  Can leadership be measured through hitting performance metrics or does leadership need to encompass a 'greater good' in order to be truly effective? Understanding and evaluating these influencers may prove beneficial in developing our understanding of effective Executive leadership.

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