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Doctoral Project Abstract

Launching WellSpirit Consulting Group, Inc.

Renée N. Hale
Regent University

WellSpirit Consulting Group, Inc. is a new, subchapter-S, organizational consulting business. Our tag line, People, Purpose, Performance, reflects the concept that people who work well together can unite in purpose and experience superior performance. WellSpirit Consulting Group, Inc. helps clients achieve valuable, practical outcomes related to the three "P" areas: People—relationships; Purpose—vision, mission, values; and Performance—improving productivity for better results, including but not limited to skills in leadership, creativity, communication, strategic foresight and planning, and cross-cultural leadership.

This project includes: 1) a description of WellSpirit Consulting Group, Inc. and strategic concepts/plans for continuing through the first four years of service, 2) a detailed philosophy of leadership and management, and 3) a chronological start-up journal recounting the real life footwork it required to establish the business.
The description/plan section is a "working plan", dedicated to guiding company operations. It conveys the nature of the company, including some academic discussion which under girds strategic actions. Although the plan addresses all four areas of a traditional business plan—description, marketing, finances, and management, it focuses more on operations and underlying philosophy/values than on financial goals. The philosophy of leadership and management section asserts that a leadership foundation of wisdom, spiritual fortitude, knowledge, and skill provides support for the organization through biblical principles of leadership, understanding of leadership theories for optimal application, overall design of the organization, and future orientation for continuing success of the organization. The start-up journal provides a candid monthly account of the journey toward launching WellSpirit Consulting Group, Inc.




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