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Doctoral Project Abstract

Mentoring in the Workplace: 
Using the Beatitudes to Guide You in "Coaching" Your Employees

Wendy Haddowgreen
Regent University

Mentoring is an increasingly popular approach to dealing with the needs of employees in many types of organizations. Mentors are generally older, more experienced people who serve as good role models and offer positive encouragement to employees.  Among the variety of mentoring programs, however, innovations to provide the employees with christian-based approaches are hard to find.  Therefore, the approach to mentoring usually is unsuccessful because the leader's approach is often one such specialized program where the mentor cannot be trusted,does not use an approach with the necessary christian-based values or lessons that should be modeled for the mentee, contracted time with mentees is not met, or mentors are untrained at how to deal, effectively, with new employee issues. Mentoring, using a Christian approach, is examined. In this project, the reader attains an easy-to-use, step-by-step approach on how to better his or her organization by integrating "The Beatitudes" into his or her Mentoring Program.

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