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Doctoral Project Abstract

A Curriculum in Leadership for 21st Century Strategic Leaders:
A New Approach to Global Leader Development within
the Department of Defense

Richard Gribling
Regent University

     The Dean of the Joint Advanced Warfighting School determined that a comprehensive Strategic Leaders Course was needed to be included into the JAWS curriculum. He did not have a suitable course curriculum that discussed the ethics, values, and capabilities necessary for strategic leaders in the 21st century. It is recognized that in today's world, emerging Third World nations are competing in an environment that includes a global economy, an informationally connected planet, shifting political alliances and the threat of radical terrorist groups that have international influence. This is the fundamental focus of this course.

     This addition to the JAWS curriculum filled the gap by emphasizing the personal traits of the strategic leader and his actions in the volatile environment of the 21st century. This course combined a detailed review of the changing world with an analysis of the important characteristics, ethics, and moral aspects of the type of emerging leaders that must lead organizations in this new dangerous world. The course outline is divided into five modules:

  1. Strategic leadership in a volatile 21st Century world
  2. Defining characteristics  of a 21st Century leader
  3. Historical view of strategic leaders adjusting to crises and profound change
  4. Recent case studies on current strategic leadership challenges
  5. The way ahead: observations and conclusions

     There is no doubt that the future of our country, in part, will rely on a new generation of strategic leaders that come from the ranks of our armed forces and U.S. government departments. These new leaders will face a world that is divided by deep culture and religious differences while connected by the power of information that brings new invention, as well as, traditional values into a swirling maelstrom which is the 21st Century.

     The overarching goal of this course is to define the environment and leader characteristics necessary in order to assist future strategic leaders in achieving success in this most interesting and important new century.


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