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Doctoral Project Abstract

Impending Danger: The Federal Handbook for Rethinking Leadership in the 21st Century

Daryl Green
Regent University

This project examines the current environment of the federal system and explores what leadership concepts can assist in the positive transformation of the public sector. Many government organizations will lose potentially 40 to 50 percent of their workforce in the next few years because of the massive baby boomer retirement. Linda Springer, Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Director, calls this issue a retirement tsunami and feels managers need to start taking this cultural shift seriously. This leadership handbook will show readers why there is call for immediate concern for the current federal workforce and what needs to be done in terms of restructuring the federal system to accommodate a postmodern workforce. As a matter of fact, a new type of leader is needed to inspire this new generation of workers.

Impending Danger is written from the perspective of an insider and organizational strategist within the federal system. It asks the questions to which both federal reformists and the American taxpayer need answers, to improve the current federal system before it implodes. The book dispels many of the myths surrounding the federal system and its workforce and provides a new opportunity to changing a stagnating system. The book is approximately 150 pages including anecdotes, references, and sidebar information. The book will be available for publishing in 2009.

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