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Doctoral Project Abstract

Renovation: Developing the Leader Within A Two Day Interactive Workshop Designed to Help You Understand and Renew Your Leadership Identity.

Jillian Gilbert

Although leadership styles and theories are important to understanding leadership, making the personal connection between personal leadership decisions and behaviors and the impact on the inner core of the organization is often overlooked. The inner person of the leader, his/her influence on relationships, and the established structure within the organization are essential components to the health of an organization. It is therefore important that all levels of leadership realize the impact of personal leadership on organizational effectiveness.

With this in mind, a two day (16 hour) workshop titled "Renovation: Developing the Leaders Within" focuses on intrinsic growth connecting the dots between personal values/behaviors and organizational relationships. More specifically, participants gain tools to synchronize the internal person with external leadership behavior. This is obtained by exploring the different layers of one's leadership journey through incorporating self-reflection and self-awareness tools to gain clarity on the current reality of their leadership. The rest of workshop explores individual leadership futures and looks at what priorities need to be established and renewed to align their current leadership with their desired future. Participants who attend the workshop receive a participant workbook to guide them through personal processing, a list of resources available on the various topics discussed, and one free coaching session with a member of Greater Solutions International Consulting to launch their personal renovation.

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