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Doctoral Project Abstract

Creativity and Rest for Today's Overloaded Quality & Process Improvement Professionals

Robert Gerwig
Regent University

This project is a seminar that addresses two critical needs for today's overloaded quality and process improvement professionals: 1) How to "get out of the box" and systematically apply creativity to the problem-solving process, and 2) How to find rest in the midst of an ever-increasing busy and complex world. The seminar is designed to be a one-day seminar consisting of two separate modules. The first module, Creativity, is an interactive session that reviews 9 strategies for increasing creativity. It is designed to last 4 hours. The second module, Rest, is a reflective session that looks at stress, burnout, and renewal. A stress assessment is included in this module to help participants understand their own level of stress. This second module is also designed to take 4 hours. Though the seminar was originally targeted for individuals and managers who work in the quality and process improvement profession, the content is equally applicable to anyone seeking to be more creative or find rest.

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