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Doctoral Project Abstract

Church Succession Planning: Case study examination on the succession planning process within a family church organization

Amblessed Emma-Okorie

In May 2011, Living Waters Church announced the succession plan intended to install the son of the senior pastors as the leader of the church. Unfortunately, many churches are not ready to make an announcement like this, because of the chaos succession could cause. The challenge facing church organizations is the possibility that at any point in time a new leader would have to assume responsibility. In some cases, these churches have unwilling leaders who are not prepared to identify a potential new leader. Nor are they ready to begin intentionally planning and implementing a succession plan strategy. In some church organization such as the Living Waters Church, a family was responsible for establishing the church. In this case, the son ideally would be the next leader. For the purpose of a targeted discourse, this project specifically examines the family church organization. Often times this particular type of church experiences disconnect as one generation seeks to step into their purpose and another transition from what had defined their identity. This project examines the current strategy of three family church organizations that are presently in various stages of their succession planning strategy.

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