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Doctoral Project Abstract

Training Leaders to Value Teams in the Age of Accountability: An Exercise in Teambuilding

Rhonda Edwards
Regent University

The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB Act) has the potential of revamping public education in a way that makes quality education a reality for every child. Before its realization, there are obstacles to overcome. The NCLB Act is placing school districts across the nation in a position where they are forced to increase efficiency in student achievement, budgetary allocations, and staff performance. Intensifying the dilemma is that school districts must back up the results with scientific data. Faced with budgetary cuts and a streamlined staff, is it possible to increase efficiency with fewer people and provide data that training efforts will affectively impact workers' commitment? Drawing from the research of theorists such as Kurt Lewin (1955), Leon Festinger (1957), and Milton Rokeach (1979), I argue that teambuilding is critical to achieve increased efficiency and commitment and will provide the necessary data to justify budgetary allocations.

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