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Doctoral Project Abstract

Leadership Qualities that Influence the Success of African American Small Business Owners in Metropolitan Atlanta

Latona Disher
Regent University

Qualities of successful leadership lie in mastering a range of skills, from managing organizational processes to empowering others to achieve excellence. While the challenge of surviving and thriving preoccupy small business owners, specific leadership qualities are associated with entrepreneurial success. This study examines leadership qualities that are influential in entrepreneurial success for African-American small business owners in Metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia. Utilizing qualitative research inquiry designed in the tradition of ethnography, the Leadership Trait Questionnaire (LTQ) was administered to the 14 small business owners and each participant underwent a one-on-one interview with the researcher. The findings of the LTQ yielded strong leadership skills. Outcomes of the interviews indicated the majority of participants pursued entrepreneurships to (1) have independence (2) follow their industry passion, and (3) enhance work experience. Entrepreneurs may benefit from the findings' researched-based insight to leadership qualities that impact entrepreneurship, and the formation of emergent leadership training methodologies.

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