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Doctoral Project Abstract

The Nehemiah Institute Organizational Plan

Jay Dewhurst

Abstract With advances in technology, the challenge of meeting the educational needs of the poor can be met in exceptional ways. The founders of The Nehemiah Institute have developed a model of education that creates a hybrid delivery system where students learn both autonomously as well as in a classroom setting. The founders believe that by combining these learning styles, undergraduate students can receive a quality education in a semi-structured environment in as little as two calendar years.

The new "hybrid" model brings the best of both autonomous learning and in-class coursework together to ensure high retention rates while providing students with a comfortable, focused environment to facilitate the best chance for learning. As the targeted population of students come from extremely poor areas around the globe, the opportunity for a clean, quiet area with electricity and Internet accessibility is very limited if it exists at all. These learning units will provide a clean, comfortable, high tech environment in which students will spend much of their learning time. The cohort sizes of 30 individuals or less and a rigorous screening process further potentiate retention issues and improve the chances for success of individual students.

This organizational plan seeks to explain the new model and to furthermore outline the plan of operation for The Nehemiah Institute over the coming years.

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