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Doctoral Project Abstract

The Design and Development of a Research Center for Christian Public Education

Elizabeth T. Derbyshire
Regent University

This project addresses the design and development of a Research Center as the next phase for the establishment of a national system of education that calls for a reintegration of a public system of education and Christian principles. The project begins with a description of the background of Christian Public Education, including an organization description, its corporate history, its foundational documents, and its organizational governance and corporate status. It describes the corporate design of CPE, both current and looking ahead to the future of the organization, while explaining the changes that will occur in the design of the structure as its strategy changes. It defines the purpose of the Center, its objectives and goals, its significance to Christian Public Education, the number of people and positions needed to staff the Center, the facility needed to house the Center, and the development to provide the necessary funding for the continued operations of CPE and the seed money required for this new venture. It concludes with a schedule identifying the major tasks that need to be accomplished for the opening of the Research Center . Its blueprint reveals a vision that looks ahead to a nation with two parallel systems of public education.

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