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Doctoral Project Abstract

Understanding Rest: A Strategic Approach

Deshaun Davis
Regent University

It is imperative for a working adult and their leaders to understand the importance of rest and what the lack of rest does to the body and mental condition. As time goes on, the importance of rest continues to be discounted by working adults and their leaders. Working adults refusing to take responsibility for their lack of rest—ultimately fail to take responsibility for increasing their risk of burn-out. In an effort to assist working adults and their leaders to take time for rest, an interactive web-based seminar was developed and launched through the website "".

This interactive web-based seminar (webinar) will seek to encourage leaders to take time for rest. It explores God's institution of the Sabbath, Christ's invitation for rest, and the definition of burn-out. The webinar includes interactive quizzes, journal entries, a Likert scale to measure burn-out and multitasking, and a step-by-step guide on how to incorporate time for rest at home and at work. It also offers a guide for preventive measures and maintenance once burn-out is identified and proper rest is implemented.

Upon completion of the webinar, participants are able to print a certificate of completion for their personal records and view their score on all the interactive activities. This project will serve as a strategic blueprint in guiding individuals to implement rest as an intrinsic part of their life's regimen.

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