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Doctoral Project Abstract

Devotional Project

Neal Cordle
Regent University

This project examines ten specific themes of leadership in light of both Old and New Testament passages in the form of a devotional study for leaders. The themes are progressive in nature and scope. Studying through the devotionals will help the leader understand that the making of leader involves the clear call of God on the leader's life. Acting with a clear sense of God's calling and purpose, the leader will gain appreciation for the importance of developing shared values to overcome conflict and build strong, unified teams of diverse individuals. Leaders will also come to recognize how God helps them think clearly to discern how taking appropriate actions today can shape the future in significant ways as they develop creative and innovative approaches to contemporary organizational challenges. Finally, a call for leaders to examine their motives for leadership and to understand spiritual leadership as a continual practice of worship is given.

Each of the devotions follow the approach to first present a theme for the study and scripture passages from the Old and New Testaments as a basis from which to explore the theme. Primary leadership and organizational development concepts addressed by the devotion are listed as well. Following the devotional study, an example in the form of a case study gives insight into the application of principles drawn from the devotion. A practical exercise assists the leader to apply the principles to his or her specific context. Each of the devotions include a relevant quote from an early church father to introduce the leader to ancient and timeless wisdom of the ages and concludes with a suggested reading list to encourage further exploration into the concepts presented in the devotion.


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