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Doctoral Project Abstract

Toward a Pauline Values Assessment

Steve Coffey
Regent University

We live and make choices according to that which is most important to us, personally, organizationally and culturally. In spite of the extensive research that has been done on all three levels, there has been no attempt to produce a biblically based values assessment. The purpose of this study is to build a foundation of values that are found in the Bible with which an assessment may be developed. Such an assessment will serve mission organizations and potentially other faith-based organizations in the mobilization of workers who have the strongest alignment with the organizational values.

This project has four essential components: justify the biblical and Pauline foundation of values; provide an understanding of values; develop a list of values gathered from Paul's writings; and present a proposed assessment instrument. This assessment has not been validated statistically, which will be an essential future study. Because the purpose of this work is the foundation for future study, it is not presented in preparation for a popular book about values. The most important component is the development of a list of values that is clearly founded upon the Bible, and more precisely, the writings and life of Paul, the most prolific of 1st century missionaries among the least reached. Each value is explained and presented with justification for inclusion in the list as either a terminal or instrumental value.

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