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Doctoral Project Abstract

Rewiring the Corporate Brain: Organizational Transformation at BOL

Stuart Chen
Regent University

This project outlines a strategic plan to initiate an organizational transformation at one of the largest Chinese-speaking mega churches in Asia . Having reached its full maturity stage, the church faces the critical challenge to have a successful and sustainable breakthrough in its sluggish growth. The proposition focuses on precipitating an organizational renewal to create a new work paradigm via an internal cultural transformation. Through a thorough diagnostic process I identify the causes of this church's stagnation and inefficiency, which include unnecessary structural and bureaucratic complexity, complacency, confrontational aversion, and staff antagonism. An organizational rejuvenation requires a transformation in both the church's culture and leadership approach, and I suggest a remedial reenergizing process that consists of organizational restructuring, bureaucracy bashing, cost cutting and resource sharing, and continual organizational learning through well-planned education programs. Strategic communication is emphasized throughout the implementation process.

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