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Doctoral Project Abstract

How to Start-up a New Small Business and Integrate Leadership to Support It

Melody Jill Avery Cazort
Regent University

The current news commonly blames the recent deterioration of the American economy and corporations upon negative leadership. As companies lay off employees in large numbers, some of these employees consider starting their own businesses for their livelihood. This document demonstrates how to start a small, sole-proprietorship business, while integrating leadership in the process. In considering entrepreneurship, people want to avoid the same harmful leadership that initiated these problems globally. Simultaneously, the United States Government is initiating resources for numerous recovery programs to help entrepreneurs. The Small Business Administration offers many of these forms of assistance. These offerings provided unprecedented opportunities. Therefore, entrepreneurship is more important than ever, and the time is right to apply positive leadership characteristics. This document shows how entrepreneurs can start a new, sole-proprietor business and include leadership to sustain it. New business operators can strategically start a new enterprise and lead it to success by following these steps. Some significant business forms are included. Illustrations also show the basic procedures of creating an enterprise. The document presents how to start a business, write a business plan, strategically organize aspects of the business, and manage employees on a day-to-day basis. It provides recommendations for business leaders in solving common problems in an organization. The summary culminates all of the aspects in starting a business into a whole. The conclusion discusses how leadership determines success from the very beginning and strongly influences the effectiveness of any new firm.


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