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Doctoral Project Abstract

Myths of Creativity: Leading Evidence-Based Innovation

David Burkus

Many in the business world view creativity and innovation as vague and inaccessible. Even those who work in the "creative industries" seem to harbor a belief that creativity happens through a largely transcendent process of inspiration to which only a select few are granted. There is a mythology around creativity - a hazy system of beliefs developed to try to understand what many believe is incomprehensible. Fortunately for those who need to be more creative or lead their company through an innovation process, empirical research and past precedent, offers a better understanding. Readers of Myths of Creativity will better understand what creativity is and where it comes from, be able to enhance creativity in their own or their team's work, and learn strategies for organizational innovation. The manuscript corrects the flawed beliefs surrounding creativity in organizations, present the findings of empirical research on creativity and innovation, and provide specific, practical examples from a diverse set of creative companies.

Myths of Creativity demystifies creativity by dispelling common myths and revealing how anyone can be more creative by understanding the science of creativity and learning practical lessons from the organizations that are already doing what science has revealed.

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