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Doctoral Project Abstract

The Women's Mentoring Network:
Building Women's Mentoring Network in Church and Business Communities

Hopelyn Marie Brown
Regent University

The basis of The Women's Mentoring Network (WMN) is to raise awareness, build trust, break down barriers, and create an impact beyond the individual to help produce greatness in women from all areas of the society by collaborating with church and business communities. The WMN is focused on encouraging the development of leadership opportunities among women through a structured program of cooperation, exchange and sharing of leadership skills. Through meeting with designated leadership teams and exchanging ideas the targeted women will be able to develop a greater understanding of important leadership processes and explore these within a cultural framework that takes into account their lives as well as others within the designated community. The Women's Mentoring Network is targeted at establishing networks throughout North America and eventually in the foreign communities from which these women originate.

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