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Doctoral Project Abstract

Security Leadership

Paul Baker
Regent University

Security Leadership is a unique look at the security management field and the security professional. It offers managers a blueprint to develop the leadership abilities of their personnel in the context of operational management. Today's security programs need to perform at the highest level and instilling leadership skills will provide for a strong foundation. Rather than see the security function as just an overhead expense, the author shows how the full potential of security personnel can be unleashed.

This book employs both theory-based and real world approaches to examine general business principles, such as structure and leadership theories and how different security functions integrate into them. This takes professionals beyond the concept of the three G's (guns, gates and guards) to understand the need for security leadership to accomplish the overall mission of the organization. It is important to develop a program that utilizes all security personnel's talents and to provide guidance that security cannot "go it alone" if it is to achieve ultimate success. It needs the buy-in from top management and in these turbulent times security requires quick action. There is an overwhelming need for a well-grounded leader who can take on the tasks of security requirements and make them work.

There are many opinions and theories dealing with the management versus leadership, in which one is in competition with the other. This book shows there is a third venue, which is taking the best parts of management and leadership and integrating them into a framework that provides service, purpose and direction.

This book will provide the foundation for a security professional to develop a comprehensive approach towards accomplish a security leadership role within their organization. It will demonstrate the needed leadership theories and practices while giving direction towards the goals of becoming a leader with the security field.


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