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Doctoral Project Abstract

Seminar on Leadership ACTS™ Guiding Principles for Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Businesses

Angelia Arrington

Leadership is ever present as individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses alike are leading all sorts of companies, organizations, institutions, programs, schools, and churches. In fact, leadership has become such an integral component within the modern organization and society that many positions are simply entitled "leader."

Author Warren Bennis, named "the dean of leadership gurus" by Forbes magazine, persuasively argues that leaders are not born-they are made. Bennis asserts, "In a world increasingly defined by turbulence and uncertainty, the call to leadership is more urgent than ever." Further, Bennis contends trust is the underlying issue to getting and keeping people on your side as leader. When leaders honor their commitments they earn and sustain trust, respect, and followership.

Yet, according to the Transparency International Global Corruption Report , 2012, the world's ten most corrupt leaders embezzled nearly $70 billion US dollars over the past two decades. Admittedly, this is an astonishing fact. The first question might be how in the world did ten people embezzle that much money? But, the critical question is why did some of the world's top leaders dishonor their followership and, more importantly, themselves? So, what's a good leader to do? For leaders who wish to make a difference; the answer is found in this seminar as integrity is the essential moral fiber of leadership. The practical values of leadership must begin with trust, respect, dignity, and honor.

This seminar Leadership ACTS™: Guiding Principles for Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Businesses is designed to inform contemporary leaders how to develop essential values-based leadership skills to make good decisions, do the right thing, and to develop and sustain the will to serve. Avid leaders can no longer ignore the decline of trust in leadership; it is time for leaders to transform and learn new methodology in order to help change mindsets, behaviors, and misconceptions about leadership and the leadership industry.

This seminar addresses the need to change how modern day leaders behave. The acronym ACTS consists of four leadership behaviors to include authentic, collaborative, transformational, and servant and it describes how leaders should think, act, and behave while conducting day-to-day business.

The primary objective of this seminar is to inspire leaders, entrepreneurs, and businesses to practice values-based leadership. It encourages leaders to lead purposefully and passionately while using their God-given gifts and sound values as guiding principles. Become the authentic, collaborative, transformational, and servant leader necessary to succeed in today's world by attending this faith-based seminar that uses biblical principles to demonstrate practical applications. This seminar includes a 40-Day Survival Guide on leadership ACTS™.

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