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Doctoral Project Abstract

From the Street to the Executive Suite: Remixing 'Street Smarts' and Life Lessons into Leadership Success

Janice Armstrong

With a multi-generational workforce and Generation Xers and Millennials entering executive and leadership positions, this book offers a comprehensive guide for leading organizations. It helps the reader envision the leadership skills that they have possessed all along, through lifestyle development, prior to their professional careers. It fosters a simplistic application of these leadership and coaching principles as well as offer a nostalgic read.

All leaders can glean leadership principles from past experiences from which they can relate. It encourages the rise toward success. Through self-reflection, work ethic, and personal acceptance, a genuine leader is able to serve as a model for their followers to help them develop into emerging leaders as well.

In today's organizations and institutions, there are populations that are under-engaged in leadership principles:

  • new hires
  • interns
  • college students
  • blue collar workers

Anyone can be a leader, so long as there are followers to support that leader. In some corporate and government environments, the moniker of 'leader' is utilized for managers, supervisors and senior executives, while individual contributors are excluded from the title despite the skills they possess that have earned them the title. This book brings these aspects of leadership development and progression to light, helping the reader realize ways in which they can continue to emerge successfully in their careers.

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