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Doctoral Project Abstract

Values-Based Leadership: Unleashing your Leadership Potential through Self-Reflection Seminar

Sid S. Anderson

As the need for leadership figures and role models continue to increase; the needs of many organizations are increasing with expectations that business leaders will be able to energize an organization, develop the employees in a way that helps them reach their full potential, empower others to take control of their career to become leaders themselves, and emphasize the importance of becoming leadership figures others are willing to follow.

Despite the challenges and demands faced by today's businesses, specifically those challenges relating to the unethical behavior of those in leadership positions, and the demand employees have for leadership figures to generate and maintain trustworthy paths for them to follow, those in leadership positions must continue to emphasize, in their leadership style and practice, the importance of good ethics, and values, as leadership tends to be the key contributor to integrating the norms and values of an organization together.

Values-based leadership is founded and maintained through trustful relationships. Leadership professionals need to know that genuine caring and interest in others is the underlying premise of prosperous relationships. When strong relationships are developed, those individuals within the relationship work effectively together, understand one another better, and can jointly be far more effective in their job efforts.

As values-based leadership evolves and diversity becomes more wide-spread, it is important for leaders to be successful in working within diverse relationship, while also keeping their own principles, values, and beliefs intact. Organizations that truly welcome and value the relationship of its customers, create an environment where its employees work to develop themselves into individuals who have the ability to work effectively and productively among groups of people no matter the national origin, race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, or political belief. Through self-reflection and diverse leadership styles, successful business leaders are able to incorporate positive business ethics, which others believe in and are willing to follow, into any organization.

This Values-Based Leadership Seminar is offered to emphasize the meaning, the significance and the benefit of values-based leadership to business organizations as it relates to the relationship between the customer, the employee, and the leadership figure. Through self-reflection, personal growth, and organizational and professional development, each participant will take part in in-depth discussions and activities designed to provide them with a detailed explanation on the origination of values, values-based leadership and its importance, and how individual values serves as the foundation for leadership styles and practices.

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