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Doctoral Project Abstract

Multidisciplinary Leadership Training Through Teamwork and Networking

Alejandro Amaya
Regent University

This paper on multidisciplinary leadership training is a practical project that purposes to fit the mission of the Doctor of Strategic Leadership program within the greater mission of the School of Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship at Regent University. It was run through various leaders of Christian organizations networking in cooperation as a team; who provided assistance for the design, planning, and implementation of the program among the Christian leadership community in a so-called third-world country. Training seminars of worship and missions are provided, and businessmen and health professionals receive leadership training based on biblical principles with a focus on their field of expertise. A free medical clinic, which includes counseling, is held among the poor, giving the opportunity for doctors and counselors to be trained on-site. The results include lessons of applicability and value in the leadership field in such areas as vision, values, organizational culture, strategy, teamwork, and networking.

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