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Doctoral Project Abstract

Parents as Leaders

Theresa A. Adams
Regent University

Parenting is one of the most influential and powerful leadership roles. This book explores how parents' decisions affect themselves, their children, and the family as a whole. Medical and Technical Support Consultants, a Washington, D.C. consulting firm, and I conducted studies within the Washington Metropolitan area in order to illustrate to readers how children are less negatively affected in a harmonious, intact family and to provide suggestions on how to promote a positive family structure by means of leadership training for parents. The stories that are shared throughout this book by participants underscore the great impact parents have on their children, both positive and negative.

All leaders, including parents, should integrate morals and values in the decision- making process. This book demonstrates how parents can incorporate morals and values in developing a strategic plan for the future of their children that includes the strategic principles of hindsight, insight, foresight, and parental commitment. This book further explores how wildcard scenarios such as abuse, depression, or divorce can disrupt the development and future of children.

Statistics on abused children, as well as available programs for family reunification and interventions, are discussed in interviews that were conducted with agency professionals and court-appointed advocates. Responses and suggestions on parenting issues are also included from communication with professional leaders which include clinical psychologists, attorneys-at-law, healthcare behavior specialists and child and family psychiatrists.

Additionally, a list of suggested topics that parents may discuss with children at different developmental stages is provided, as well as a resource section for parents. The resource section includes telephone numbers for various support centers in the United States.

The purpose of this book is to inform and motivate parents to apply the leadership strategies suggested. The strategies and case studies presented may help parents develop into strong leaders for their children.



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