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Doctoral Project Abstract

Effective Church Leadership in Today's Culture

Ronald C. Aasen
Regent University

Effective church leadership is a challenging task in today's culture. When viewing the church through the lens of the Bible and the lens of culture it is apparent that cultural biases often cloud human perspective. The influence of the leadership of the secular corporate world has further confused the process.

This project provides guidance to today's church leaders on how to effectively select and develop leaders, use church governance and adapt to today's culture while maintaining a biblical perspective. The use of biblical guidance and secular guidance on leadership theories and applications are used to develop the ideas presented.

The topics included are: The natural and spiritual aspects of leadership, biblical aspects of church leadership, Myers-Briggs personality types and religious leadership, spiritual gifts, the importance of values in church leadership, emotional intelligence, cultural considerations, how to reach different generations, mentoring and leadership development and church organization structure.

Church leaders need to be aware of how to effectively relate to the culture in which their church is situated. The church culture of the past has collapsed. Reaching out to the community is the most effective means of church growth for the 21st Century. Developing and communicating the vision and true values of your church are critical for effective church leadership.

Further study and analysis of the topics presented will be helpful to church leaders in assessing the situation in their congregations. As church leaders become more knowledgeable in these areas and apply this knowledge to their congregations, I believe that they will see improvements that will glorify God and make more effective use of the resources that are available to them.


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