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Doctoral Project Abstract

The Future of Media: Beyond Technology – Using global leadership competencies and strategic foresight principles to anticipate future media horizons

Victor B. Oladokun

In the 21st century, the rules of the global media environment have changed irrevocably. Accelerating speeds of transformation in technology and social behavioral patterns, continue to impact organizations, business philosophies, and the ability of leaders to create responsive organizational cultures. The Future of Media: Beyond Technology is an interactive multi-session seminar thatexposes thought leaders to competencies necessary to navigate global uncertainty and disruptive innovation; foresight tools essential for organizational relevance, sustainability, and profitability in a competitive global media eco-system; and emerging trends, long before they enter the mainstream.  The Future of Media challenges current cognitive models, assumptions, and business paradigms; anticipates plausible futures; probes alternative strategies; and provides participants with competencies for remaining relevant in a competitive global media market place.

Major media shifts require global leadership competencies, strategic foresight, and a keen understanding of change, networked people, social behavioral patterns, and emerging trends. Consequently, The Future of Media helps participants –

  1. Identify major trends driving global change and transformation
  2. Identify critical leadership competencies in a global media economy
  3. Surface assumptions about the current and future state of the global media industry.
  4. Develop an understanding of critical and emerging trends likely to impact the global media industry within the next decade.
  5. Develop a conceptual framework for understanding and appreciating connections between transformational shifts, global leadership, strategy, strategic foresight, anticipatory management, and the future of media.
  6. Evaluate potential disruptive technological wildcards, and discuss the implications for media, business, academe, entertainment, knowledge creation, social interaction, and consumer behavior.
  7. Develop practical ways with which to apply strategic thinking and foresight principles to organizational innovation and sustainability.

In the 21st Century, successful media organizations and leaders will be those who are able to 'see' and act, well before others do by developing visions futuristically; strategically re-thinking business models and revenue streams; successfully mining data in order to better understand consumer behavior; and developing competencies for building and sustaining strategic alliances that leverage partner strengths, and share risks between content providers, distributors, portal operators, advertisers, and consumers.

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