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Dissertation Abstract

The Correlation between a Principal's Leadership Style and Teacher Personality, as Perceived by the Teacher, and its Effect on Teacher Job Satisfaction

Cheryl Zigrang
Regent University

This study explored the relationship between teacher personality and teachers' perception of their principal's leadership style, and how that relationship affects teacher job satisfaction. The subjects were 77 teachers who were graduate students at a private university. All participants completed a demographics page, the Leader Behavior Description Questionnaire, the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator, and the Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire. The results of the study revealed a statistically significant positive relationship between principals perceived by teachers to have a Consideration style of leadership and teacher job satisfaction. There were no other statistically significant findings. The data suggests that there is a relationship between principals who lead with the Consideration leadership style and teacher job satisfaction, but that a teacher's personality type may not have a significant relationship with teacher's perceptions of their principal's leadership style, and their satisfaction with their teaching job.