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Dissertation Abstract

The Leadership Approach of Jesus in Matthew 4 and 5

Manuel A. Zarate
March 2009

Jesus is still considered the greatest leader who ever lived. However, there is a need for more scholarly research on his style and practice of leadership, especially using the Bible as the source of research. This study is a qualitative introductory and exploratory analysis of Matthew 4:17-5:12, conducted in search for a greater understanding of Jesus' leadership approach based on the initial actions and teachings ascribed to him by the Matthean author. This study was conducted using a qualitative methodology called socio-rhetorical analysis to better encompass the theological, social, cultural, and rhetorical nuances that affect the understanding of Jesus as a leader in this Gospel passage. The results are compared and contrasted with the tenets of prominent theories of leadership to see if Jesus corroborates or negates them. These theories include but are not limited to charismatic theory, transactional theory, transformational theory, and servant theory.