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Dissertation Abstract

The Measurement of Personality in the Adult Worker: A Basis for the Psychodynamic
Approach to Leadership

David W. Wetzel
April 2009

The purpose of this study was to use the current knowledge of personality based on Jung (1923), Myers and Briggs (1985), Keirsey (Keirsey & Bates, 1984), and Lowery as discussed in Adams, Behrens, Kashiwa, Kutz, and Misicisin (2005), to develop a self-report instrument that is both reliable and valid. This instrument was designed primarily for use by front line managers to better understand themselves and the members under their purview. Greater understanding of members was attained through member self-report, via the instrument, and confirming observations of member patterned behavior, made by the leader. By understanding the four types of personality presented in this study, leaders will be able to communicate more effectively and understand what the individual member's value is as well as their strengths. This knowledge then aids in communication, job fit, employee development, recognition, and motivation. The instrument under development was assessed for construct face and content validity as well as reliability testing via test-retest and Chronbac's measure of internal consistency.