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Dissertation Abstract

Romans 12 Motivational Gifts and Nurses: An Investigation of Job Satisfaction, Person–Job Fit, and the Clifton StrengthsFinder® Assessment

Jon C. Tomlinson
March 2012

This mixed methods study extended the work of DellaVecchio and Winston (2004), Parolini and Winston (2006), McPherson (2008), and Tomlinson and Winston (2011) by addressing the seven motivational gifts Paul wrote about in Romans 12:3-8 in a new population: the nursing units of a small, not-for-profit healthcare system. Winston (2009) purported fitting of a person to a job using the individual’s Romans 12 motivational gifts granted that individual is fully engaged and satisfied with their current job. Building on this theme, the study found significant results related to job satisfaction, person-job fit, and the demographic variables of department and generation with respect to the Romans 12 motivational gifts in nurses. Further, notwithstanding Gallup’s efforts to define 34 strengths, DellaVecchio and Winston argued the evangelical Christian inerrancy premise of scripture shows “if scripture presents seven motivational gifts then seven, and only seven” (p. 1) gifts or strengths should exist. This study showed promising results in its attempt to begin a conversation about the Clifton StrengthsFinder® assessment and its relationship to the Romans 12 motivational gifts. Practical applications are discussed, and future research areas are herein.