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Dissertation Abstract

A Relationship Study of Self-Reported Work as Vocation and Work Attributes

Steven Tincher
Regent University

The study explores the difference between the frequencies of self-reported work attribute levels between two populations as defined in the study, belief in work as vocation and neutral or less rank regarding belief in work as vocation. The data represents ordinal measurement. The analysis applies cross-tabulation and chi-square analysis to explore relationship significance between the populations and variables. The statistical relationship analysis does not address the overall level or presence of the self-reported work attributes in the two populations; the study explores differences between the two populations in relationship to the work attributes. The paper does not build a biblical theology of work or measure a vocation construct. The analysis reflects significance for a positive relationship between religious belief and belief in work as vocation. A significant positive relationship was also found for the portion of the population that believes in work as vocation and a work attribute (for rank orders one and two) when contrasted to the population that was neutral or less regarding work as vocation.