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Dissertation Abstract

The Role of Psychological Type and Critical Thinking in Doctoral Student Achievement

Patricia Stewart
Regent University

Research on the effects of psychological type and critical thinking on student achievement at the doctoral level is limited, pointing to the need for a clearer understanding of the independent variables of Sensing-Intuitive psychological types and critical thinking's effects on student achievement. This study addressed the effects of psychological type and critical thinking on achievement, as well as the interaction effects between these variables.

As leadership education and training creates curricula attuned to the multiple variables of student achievement, a gap in the research concerning Sensing-Intuitive psychological differences and critical thinking effects on achievement at the doctoral level provides a compelling call for studies to investigate these variables.

This study tested the interaction and main effects of psychological type and critical thinking upon achievement, as measured by grade point average, in a doctoral program. A multiple-factor analysis of variance revealed significant differences in GPA between Above-average critical thinkers and Below-average critical thinkers in a doctoral program (p < .05). No significant differences in GPA were found between the Sensing and Intuitive students in a doctoral program. Additionally, no significant interaction effects of Sensing-Intuitive psychological types on GPA at the given levels of critical thinking were found in the study of doctoral students.

The findings provide support for the importance of critical thinking in higher education achievement. With the limited research of psychological type at the doctoral level, the current study's findings of non-significant main effects of Sensing and Intuitive types on achievement present a call for future research to determine the importance of psychological type as a learner variable associated with academic success at the doctoral level.