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Dissertation Abstract

An Empirical Evaluation of the Effects of Federal Downsizing on Select Organizational Variables

Janice M. Spangenburg
Regent University

Downsizing is the radical, frame-breaking organizational change method used by leaders to respond to change. Leadership is at the forefront to influence and effect positive organizational change in a downsized environment that contains survivors who have remained after their coworkers have been subjected to layoffs and cuts. Survivors possess varying degrees of layoff survivor sickness and survivor syndrome and are essentially the walking wounded. The relationship between the leader and the members is crucial because it defines the identity of the organization. Members who are survivors are impacted by the downsizing to such a degree that their relationship with their supervisors, organizational commitment and organizational citizenship behavior are influenced and changed by organizational events. Three widely used surveys captured data in this study. This study found a significant difference in the member's leader-member exchange and organizational citizenship behavior.