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Dissertation Abstract

An Exploratory Study of the Relationship between Religion and Implicit Leadership Theories: A Study of the Leadership Preferences of Muslim and Christian Students in Indonesia

Keith A. Sorbo
Regent University

This exploratory study examined the relationship between religion and implicit leadership theories of religious adherents. Based on implicit leadership theory, leadership categorization, and leadership attribution theory, this study theorized that the teachings and exemplar leadership models that an individual has received from his or her religion will have an effect on the individual's leadership preferences. Using the leadership survey items from the GLOBE research program, this study surveyed 656 Indonesian university students from Christian and Muslim backgrounds. Analysis of the data indicated that religion had a significant effect on 15 of the 21 GLOBE leadership scales and that strength of religious faith as measured by the Santa Clara Strength of Religious Faith Inventory had a significant effect on 18 of the 21 GLOBE leadership scales.